How much does an estimate cost?

Our estimates are completely free!

What are the best ways to save money during a kitchen renovation?

Come up with a grand plan before you purchase anything. That is, create a budget and hire a specialist for free estimate and design plan. This will help you envision how the floor plan of the remodel will look before you begin working on kitchen design and style. Organize your finances and you can make the most out of every dollar spent in your remodel.

How long does it take us to start on a project?

We operate in a first to pay first to serve fashion. Meaning whoever completes payment of their remodel first will be served first. Sometimes, we can get started immediately if there is nobody in line. When there are several projects pending it can be a week to 3 weeks.

Do we assemble and install?

Yes we do. We handle all of the required assembly and the installation as well. Our installers will arrived with everything necessary for your remodel.

How far do we operate?

We usually operate within Ocala and the surrounding cities. Ask us about your city now!

What designs and styles do we provide?

Check out our brochure for the different designs and styles. The pictures of our completed projects can also show what styles and designs we have.